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Return to the Ming Dynasty as a prince (14th Feb 23 at 1:40am UTC)
"What?" Not only Zhengde, but also Zhang Yong and Miao Kui, who accompanied Yang Ling back to the court, could not believe their ears: "Destroy the enemy but a hundred?"? How did this figure come out? Zhengde's little face was white with anger. He pointed at the man, his fingers trembling, and he almost fainted. It took him a long time to say, "You.." You're making irresponsible remarks. My frontier troops have annihilated more than ten thousand enemy troops. How can they say that they have killed no more than a hundred enemy troops? One of the officers of Yushitai immediately rose up and said proudly, "No matter where the emperor goes, there should be an attendant officer to record all his words and deeds. If the emperor is a conqueror, there should be a clerk accompanying him to record all the results of the war. There are many people who come to the frontier army to receive rewards for their merits. Now there is no living officer accompanying him, no military clerk accompanying him, and more than ten thousand enemies have been annihilated.". Where is the evidence? The emperor should not be hoodwinked by the frontier army. Zhengde was so young that he couldn't stand it. For a moment, blood ran through his eyes. He was furious and was about to scold the man. Another official got up and said, "When the Tartars go in and out of the Ming Dynasty, it's like going into no man's land. I've heard that there are traitors inside who cooperate with them. If the army festers like this, they should be severely punished." "Your Majesty, I have heard that Boyan has returned to the desert and is negotiating an alliance with Duoyan Sanwei. They have frequent contacts with each other. Wu Liangha has always been at both ends of the head and can't be trusted. It's better to show it with sincerity and kindness. It's better to strengthen the walls and clear the fields, not to trade with each other and punish it severely, so that they can know our great power tomorrow. Those who offer advice to form an alliance lose their power and humiliate the country, trap the emperor in injustice "Your Majesty,warehousing storage solutions, I learned from the official newspaper that Waci also gave food to the Tartars. It can be seen that blood is thick and water is thick. The Mongolian ministries are United. Although they are not in harmony internally, they are bound to unite when they encounter external forces.." 。“ The emperor is far away from the capital this time, which makes people all over the world panic. Rumors are everywhere, and the danger of Datong is even more worrying. As the saying goes, the son of a thousand pieces of gold can't sit in the hall. I heard that the emperor wants to fight again and personally take command. It's really not advisable. The change of'Tumu Fort 'is a rut that can't be prevented.. 。“ Since the emperor knew that it was not easy to be a civil and military emperor, he should sympathize with the people's feelings. He was already short of money to build mountains and mausoleums and the Great Wall in the court, and he could not make ends meet. The Tartar barbarians were just scabies, and they only wanted a little property along the border. The cost of using a large army to conquer was more than ten times the loss caused by the Tartar? The sage said to hang down the arch and govern. The emperor should. 。“ Your Majesty,warehouse pallet racks, I have heard that the emperor has traveled all the way, disturbing the place, sleeping in the house at night, and there are many beautiful women in and out of the guard of honor. It is really harmful to the holy virtue. There are rumors everywhere among the people that the emperor's visit to Datong is to seek beauty, so the people's resentment is boiling.. 。 Seeing that the following were full of courtiers who talked a lot of nonsense, Zhengde was so angry that his hair almost stood up one by one. Even if the words of remonstrance were reasonable, he could not listen to them. Li Dongyang knew that the Chinese officials were very dissatisfied with the emperor's rash departure from the palace, but after Liu Jian and Xie Qian resigned, he was the only one who stayed in the court. Some radical officials were very dissatisfied with him. They thought that he was reluctant to go and was greedy for the powerful. Li Dongyang was in such an embarrassing situation. It was not appropriate to suppress Qingliu too much. So although he saw that the emperor's face was getting worse and worse, it was inconvenient to suppress the officials. So he quietly gave Yang Tinghe a wink. Yang Tinghe also thought that the emperor should command the world in the capital. This time, the emperor left the capital rashly. The three scholars were under pressure from the harem and the outer court. They also had to deal with rumors among the people, calm the hearts of the people, and guard against the movements of the vassal kings everywhere. They were very busy. Moreover, he and the two Grand Maester all the way to catch up with the emperor, asrs warehouse ,cantilever racking system, Yang Ling made people break his horse legs, Datong trip was blocked by Yang Ling again, Yang Tinghe in the end younger than Li Dongyang, broad-minded and less than him, more or less honest in the heart. He also heard that most of the things that those stubborn officials said were unreasonable and far-fetched. But with the knowledge of those people, do not understand that the emperor's trip is indeed a great achievement? However, in their minds, the emperor left the capital to patrol the frontier, which was far more harmful than his achievements. Moreover, the civil officials were worried that the little emperor was young and vigorous, and that the military commanders could not control the power, so they tried their best to suppress him. This was also in line with Yang Tinghe's opinion, because although he saw that he was very respectful to Li Daxue. Yang Tinghe pretended not to see him. Some of the generals were dissatisfied with the civil officials who quoted the classics.
Began to argue on just grounds, but those literati a mouth on the voluble, full of it also, most of these military commanders heard stunned, of course, it is difficult to overwhelm them in the momentum. When Yang Ling saw the civil and military officers scolding each other, the little emperor of Zhengde was almost mad and could not help walking to the emperor. He crept up to Zhengde's side and whispered, "Your Majesty, do you still remember those ignorant rumors that I reported to you at the same time?" Zhengde was furious. I didn't listen to anything now, but what Yang Ling mentioned was totally related to the present scene, which suddenly aroused Zhengde's curiosity. He stiffened his voice and said, "Remember, what's wrong?" When Yang Ling heard the voice of Zhengde, he could not help scolding the officials for their stupidity. This trip to Datong was very beautiful. The little emperor, of course, wanted to be recognized by the officials, but now back to the capital, waiting for him was such a situation, like a basin of cold water in the face, with this age of youth rebellious mentality, or self-abandonment intensified. Or be disheartened and do nothing from now on. Do these fools teach a child of sixteen or seventeen a lesson as a sage of Confucius? It is the resurrection of Kong Sheng Do you have this kind of self-restraint? Yang Ling said in a low voice, "I remember what the emperor said: 'Everything is like a dream bubble, like dew and like electricity. We should do this.'" As soon as Zhengde's body shook, he looked at Yang Ling. Yang Ling smiled and swept away the officials. He said to Zhengde, "Your Majesty, look.". What is the difference between these officials and those who are short-sighted and parroting? What is different It's just that those people are showing off their anecdotes for fun, and they are showing off their clever words to show off their articles. The emperor's trip to Datong, is absurd or merit in the state, there is no living officer, clerk for levy, but heaven and earth can testify for the emperor! One hundred and twenty thousand troops in Datong Hundreds of thousands of people can testify for the emperor! An enemy routed on the prairie You can testify for the emperor! Zhang Yong, Miao Kui, and Gu Dayong, who had been stripped of his official position and was hiding behind him,heavy duty cantilever racks, all blushed and said in unison, "Old slave, you can also testify for the emperor!" 。
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