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Cosmic Evolver System _ 20200215155408 (14th Feb 23 at 1:37am UTC)
"Stop for the time being today, and we will compete for the next day. How about that?"! One of the two men, with a proud and handsome face, whose eyes were shining with great confidence, suggested in a loud voice with a warning in his heart. Such a Jedi, unexpectedly met you two! Have you all found some clues! The man who was holding hands with the handsome man was a man who wore the upper body and had a strong and fierce breath. He asked in reply without answering. He was nearly ten feet tall, and there was a closed eye on his forehead, which was the top family of demons, the Magic Eye Family. Yes, you must have calculated the approximate position! The handsome man, still secretly alarmed, replied in a cold voice. Hey, hey! It seems that this frost area is going to be very lively! The magic eye clan man's upper body was full of precious light, and when he heard this, he grinned and said. Heh! The two devils are chatting, the palace said not to intervene, absolutely not to intervene, you do not need to scruple! The beautiful woman covered her mouth and chuckled, but in her green eyes, she was the master. Scolding with disdain, he said, 'No matter whether you have the evil body of Zhong's leaving home or not, you will have a war sooner or later. It's rare to meet by chance today. Why don't you fight a decisive battle here and divide it into high and low?' "Hey hey" Chiyo Jue,10g Ozone Generator,! In the Central Demon City, who doesn't know that you are resourceful and the right-hand man of the Central Demon Lord, I am really afraid that you will attack, ah ha ha! You also don't need to provoke, the younger generation, only you and the'dark devil ', is what I want to defeat most! As for the body of the Demon Way, it is very good to give birth to a few geniuses for me! The man of the magic eye clan replied honestly,ceramic bobbin element, looking at the eyes of the thousand generations with a monstrous sense of war. The devil of the nether world! I haven't seen him for a long time. Rumor has it that he is closing the pass to realize the magic skill! You don't have to worry about that little girl, the younger brother of the palace, who will be crowned in two years. The palace came out this time, but said it would send him a body of the devil's way! Chiyoshi is the master of the Central Demon City, and this beautiful woman claims to be the daughter of the Central Demon Lord. You smelly men, don't dream of sitting on the first throne! Chiyo covered his mouth and smiled softly, his slender eyelashes covering his blue eyes, lazy and charming. Zhong Li Shi just said who ascended the first throne, Zhong Li Tsing Yi is whose woman, and there is no restriction that only men can participate in this struggle, as long as thousands of generations to the top, sit on the first throne, naturally there is a way to let Zhong Li Shi have nothing to say. Hum! You seem to have forgotten that our magic eye clan was once the leader of the whole demon, and you are so sure to win with me! The man of the magic eye clan snorted coldly, and his whole body was burning fiercely, and the fierce and terrible momentum pressed the wind to rest. Be so belittled by a woman, Ceramic Band Heater ,ceramic bobbin heater, although this woman is a thousand generations, but still let him uncomfortable to the extreme. The handsome man pulled the corners of his mouth, moved back dozens of feet, and made a gesture of "please" to signal the two men to start a war. It's so boring! The palace continued to enjoy the snow scenery. Chiyo stretched lazily and ignored the man with the magic eye. Instead, he let the huge snow sculpture fly into the air. When he was about to fly away, he suddenly remembered something and asked the handsome man with concern: "Duanmu Chaofan, how is your old man's injury in Xuantu?" Duanmu Chaofan frowned, and when he was about to say something, he suddenly turned and looked back. Chiyo Jue and the men of the Magic Eye Clan are also staring in that direction. In the sight of the three men, a huge snowfield wolf paced slowly, and on his back, two men in black robes were sitting, the contrast of their extreme colors looked extremely conspicuous. Unexpectedly, I can't find out the realm of cultivation. I must have the top secret method of collecting breath! The three devils flashed countless thoughts in an instant. The giant wolf has the strength of the beast emperor realm, and is a social Warcraft, not a strength friend to the wolves without a chance to win, it is absolutely impossible to yield. And the girl riding behind her is only the lower grade demon realm, the only possibility is the mysterious man riding in front, the strength is very strong, at least the upper grade demon realm.
"The three of the younger generation, the devil?"? It happens to be the target of the mission! So random on the road, unexpectedly can meet these characters, white clouds and the previous life on the road to pick up the feeling of money, but also a lot of that and. On the land of the Black Earth, whether it is a demon or a demon clan, the leader of the semi-holy people is respectfully called the'Demon Lord '. In the younger generation, those who predict the lowest achievement as a semi-saint are respectfully called "devils." "These cognitions are naturally learned by Baiyun from Huangfu's memory." Who are you, the son of a hermit clan? Duanmu Chaofan's left hand gently rested on the jade scabbard, looking down at the white clouds and asking in a cold voice. His eyes shone with divine light, and when he asked questions, he looked as if he were high above the masses and took it for granted. The man of the magic eye clan crossed his hands in front of his chest, looking like he was ready to see a good show. And Chiyo Jue is also lying sideways on the back of the snow sculpture, under the skirt of different heights, a pair of beautiful legs slightly crossed, eyes in the rotation of heaven and earth, to display the secret method, want to see through the strength of the black-robed man. The reward for defeating ten half-emperor magic bows is only 30000. I don't know if it's a loss or a loss! White cloud in the heart to calculate, suddenly found that this task is very bad, ten and a half emperor single assignment task, the combined reward is definitely more than 30000, which makes him very angry. As for the extra reward of Zhong Li Tsing Yi, the body of the Demon Way, if he is given to be a servant, he is actually willing to take it, but! The status must be lower than the black leaf autumn. Unbridled! How dare Ben Demon not reply when he asks you! Seeing Baiyun's appearance of wandering in the sky, Duanmu Chaofan frowned and slightly raised his index finger to condense a wisp of magic gas with lines, pointing directly at Baiyun to punish him. Duanmu Chaofan is one of more than a dozen people standing at the peak of the younger generation, not to mention the younger generation that he has never seen, even the middle-aged generation, he also has absolute arrogance. The giant wolf in the snowfield shrank his eyes and trembled slightly. He could feel the power of terror. If he was hit,Ceramic Bobbin, he would lose his body directly. Ziyun stroked the huge head of the giant wolf with his left hand and whispered, "Next time, I dare to show my fear to anyone other than me and kill you directly!" 。
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