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Time and space demon (14th Feb 23 at 1:24am UTC)
"Wow!"! When did Lao Fang catch up with Ding Qingya of Class 6? There is such a big stack of things. It must be a collection of love letters! "Not necessarily. Maybe it's Lao Fang's indenture of sale. It seems that there are many treaties, and the rights within ten lifetimes have been sold out." Through a crack in the door, I don't know how many people behind were discussing what Ding Qingya had given Fang Linkong. Fang Linkong usually boasts about the thickness of his face, often saying that he ranks very high in the world. But after listening to these comments, he still had some fever on his face. Ding Qingya even snorted coldly, her face changed greatly, and she turned and walked away. That kind of contemptuous look in his eyes made Fang Linkong almost shrink into the cement field. Shit! Everyone's mouth is full of virtue, but it's just an email, and the address is Canada. What! How can it be foreign? Glancing at the mail, Fang Linkong was stunned. He racked his brains but couldn't remember when he had a foreign friend. Fang Linkong only remembers one time when he debated with a foreign cynic from an unknown country about the quality of the Chinese people. Fang Linkong relied on his English to learn well, and the communication between the two sides was smooth. From the beginning of the national character, to greet each other's family members, and finally upgrade to some of the more unbearable human organs. In the end, Fang Linkong ended the debate with a very vulgar video of a Chinese man welding a foreigner's buttocks with an electric welder. Although Fang Linkong felt that after an electric spark, the foreigner turned over very artistically. But the other side obviously did not look at it that way, and contacted the last sentence, "I want to seal your asshole,heavy duty rack manufacturers, and so on." The other side obviously had a deep understanding of the extended meaning of the video. After immediately kicking Fang Linkong out of the MSN, he never spoke again. At that time, Fang Linkong felt elated for a long time and thought to himself, "It is estimated that the foreign cynic is not suffering from angina pectoris, but also suffering from coronary heart disease.". Although the possibility of epilepsy on the spot is not great, the convulsion of True Qi is not an accident. In the next few days, Fang Linkong was quite proud of sweeping across the European and American continents and being proud and elated for the Chinese people. After thinking about it,Automated warehouse systems, Fang Linkong could no longer remember what he had to do with foreigners except for the international scolding. As soon as Fang Linkong returned to the classroom with something, someone grabbed the mail from Fang Linkong's hand and did a "security check". The fellows who had been cowering behind the door to watch the play now all slipped out. It is the three boys who are best friends with Fang Linkong, Ma Jingjie, Chen Mingbin and Wen Yi. The three of them, very rudely, tore off the outer packaging of the mail and opened it with their hands and feet. It was found that there was only a very old ancient book wrapped in layers. The whole book is thick, with yellow pages, and looks very old. The pages of the whole book seem to be made of a thin silk, which is very smooth in the hand. On the cover of the two Zhong Ding ancient seal, Ma Jingjie, Chen Mingbin, Wen Yi three big eyes staring at the small eyes for a long time, push back racking system ,metal racking systems, but who do not recognize. With a gentle twist, Ma Jingjie found that every page of the ancient book had been stuck together and could not be opened. So he gave up the act of peeping at the mystery and threw the book to Fang Linkong. Wen Yi said suspiciously, "Lao Fang, when did you mix with foreign archaeologists?"? But the words on this book look like ancient Chinese characters! Is it a cultural relic lost in China? Fang Linkong did not know how to answer Wen Yi, but he rolled his eyes and said with a smile, "I am the chief helmsman of the seven major websites and sixty-eight BBS.". There are countless foreign brothers under him. It must be a foreign brother who, out of respect for my personal character, bought our cultural relics at a high price and returned them to me. "Shh." Several people are waiting to continue wrangling, or Fang Linkong sharp-eyed, far away to see the teacher in charge of the class came over, hurriedly shouted: "The wind is tight!"! Bullshit! Reach out to separate Wen Yi and others, turn around and get into the classroom. At the end of the day's course, there is no need for Fang Linkong to open his mouth to invite. Wen Yi, Ma Jingjie and Chen Mingbin followed Fang Linkong to his home, ready to go to Fang Linkong's home and continue to study this valuable antique. Fang Linkong's parents are busy with their work and come home very late, so several friends often gather here to kill time.
Four heads delved into it for a long time, and finally found the strangeness of the book-solid, very solid. Not only four people, but also none of them can tear apart even a little bit of debris. Even Ma Jingjie tried to light it with a lighter and burned it for seven or eight minutes. The lighter of zippo was hot, but the book did not change at all. Such a strange thing, immediately let four people imagine. Wen Yi spread out his limbs and lay comfortably on his back on the sofa of Fang Linkong's house. He suggested, "We might as well splash blood on it. Maybe we can open the ancient contract.". From then on, he ascended to the sky and became a monster. "Fang Linkong did not wait for him to finish, but there was a sudden tremor on his head." You've seen the Ring six or seven times, and you dream of becoming a monster. It's so tasteless. However As soon as Fang Linkong changed the subject, he grabbed Wen Yi's hand and said with a smirk, "Since you're willing, I'll put some blood in you and make some human blood tofu for everyone to taste." Fang Linkong is a famous wacky person at school. He can go to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to see Shangri-La with a large group of netizens who have never met. Of course, they can also do more extraordinary things. Wen Yi looked at Fang Linkong's malicious eyes and hurriedly pulled back his white and tender palm like a lamb. Because the movement was a little bigger, he knocked on the corner of the table, and immediately blood flowed. Wen Yi has always had a very poor motor nerve. As soon as he touched his back foot in the mess, he fell to the ground with a somersault. Even the books on the table were turned over to the ground. Fang Linkong immediately laughed mercilessly, and even Ma Jingjie and Chen Mingbin, who had nothing to do with themselves, gloated over Wen Yi's clumsiness. When he was in high school, Wen Yi was always very sneaky when talking to others. It's better to speak in other people's ears. Fang Linkong laughed at him and said, "Wen Yi's expression is so obscene!"! It's written clearly that I have a pornographic disc to sell, so don't make it public. Up to now, Fang Linkong has not changed his habit of laughing at him. Fang Linkong laughed for a long time,push back racking system, the first to find wrong, it is said that Wen Yi but rub off a little skin, but this guy half a day trembling can not stand up.
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