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Collected Works of Shen Cong-Novels Volume 2 (13th Jan 23 at 2:18am UTC)
It was Mr. Lansheng who came home recently, and the number of times he took the car was more than when he walked. Finished on November 12, 1926 www、 Collected Works of Shen Cong-Novels Volume 2 Fireside ! Small @ say # txt $Tiantang & Four people, roasting their hands around the brazier. Mom, with me, with nine younger sister, with six younger brother, is so four people. After eight o'clock, the man selling spring rolls in the street hissed and shouted loudly. It had already been twice. About sleep, we always take nine younger sister as the center, oneself belong to be dominated by one kind. When she lowered her head and fell on her mother's knee, we did not wait for orders, nor did we hold out hope any more. We asked Chunxiu to accompany her and sent her to the opposite room to sleep. We, of course, mean me and my sixth brother. Usually eight to nine o'clock, nine younger sister is no matter how happy, also will not support. But when you have prepared something to spend the night, it is another matter. Put the tip of the bird's nest in the porridge, and we eat the bird's nest porridge. Put the lotus seeds in it, and we eat the lotus seed porridge again. Although the bird's nest is not so much, we always say that, I and six younger brother no matter who a person's quantity, are the enemy of nine younger sister with mother two people. But mom said, always nine younger sister hungry, for nine younger sister to cook something to spend the night. Nominally,asrs warehouse, we are the blessing of nine younger sister, so we all wish nine younger sister every day dinner is not enough, good to shout hungry at night, we share the glory. We are also very smart, if you have a grasp of the night, then dinner that meal will leave the stomach early, this matter probably never for mom attention and, but nine younger sister but hide. Mother, cook some porridge for Lao Jiu. If the sixth brother's proposal is not rejected by his mother,heavy duty metal racks, I will urge Chunxiu girl, "Chunxiu!"! Cook porridge with us for Miss Jiu, add lotus seeds, quickly! Sometimes, Mom would say that there was no sugar, or that she was too full tonight. How could Lao Jiu be hungry? On such a bad day, we have to prepare to sleep, there is no other way. "Nine younger sister, you say hungry, to boil pigeon eggs to eat." "I don't!" "Say for us, tomorrow I'll go to the old end to buy a big gold top for you." “……” Back mom, very light with nine younger sister said, want her to lie for us once, delicious with rock sugar boiled pigeon eggs also had. This thing is always the worst. I (my mother criticized me like this) instigated the sixth brother to say that he used the golden top as a bribe. Nine younger sister's top is bad, then also agreed with a sigh. After eating the pigeon eggs, the golden top is only in the mouth, let nine younger sister to complain also completely ignore, push back racking system ,mobile racking systems, at that time, feel the idea is not bad. But on another occasion, when the sixth brother had finished speaking, she would go to her mother's side, pull her head, put her mouth in her ear, and talk about our plan. At that time, want to use bribes to buy nine younger sister of us, in addition to crying and arguing, said he didn't say anything with nine younger sister, also only blush. The result was beyond our expectation, and my mother still asked Chunxiu to do the food according to our hope. So it seems that what mom said before is all for the younger sister's words, and is obviously coaxing nine younger sisters. However, nine younger sister in the home because a person alone small and get the whole family-especially the mother double love, is also true. Because of mother's exclusive love, the third aunt also laughed at us. What we were not convinced was that my grandmother often told many aunts that we were not lovable. This time, it is in the expectation of a night. After cooking duck porridge with the rest of the day's duck broth, I heard Chunxiu's girl stirring a pair of chopsticks in the copper pot outside. It seemed that she smelled a little fragrance again. Mom was afraid that we would catch a cold and forbade us to go out to inspect. The sixth brother was very anxious by the brazier. Chunxiu. Isn't it all right? He asked the girl angrily. No. "Don't take a nap and let it make rice crust!" "No." "Fan the fire quickly, it will be so slow when the fire goes out!" "No, I'm fanning!" Six younger brother to helpless, by nine younger sister's not pay attention to, put her hand that an elementary word class grabbed, like to show skill in front of the mother, read aloud.
"Mother, I can recite it. You see, I close my eyes." My eyes are really closed, but in the fifth lesson, "Wolf, wild dog-" I open my eyes. " Big talker! Second brother you take the book for me in my hand, I will back, "nine younger sister is then recite again.". In front of the gate, the noodle sellers were knocking on bamboo sticks and shouting all kinds of soul-stirring slogans to lure people there. We only need to know from the sound of Bangbang that this man is the famous He Er. It sells dumplings. It also sells noodles, but it is famous for dumplings in the city. For three copper yuan, you can have dumplings and noodles, and you have to eat Fengpai Xiangtan soy sauce. His spicy oil is also very good. Every time the elder sister comes back from school, she always eats dumplings with hot pepper without soup. Because of my mother's prohibition, we can only see with our eyes. He Er, as usual, endured for a while, then shouldered the burden again, and beat it all the way to Nanmen Tuo. The sound of shouting was gradually decreasing, and then there was only a clear and clear sound, though it was very small. In front of the gate, because it is spacious, some people who sell snacks have a rest in front of the gate. In the daytime, needless to say, there are also those who fry fried dough sticks and glutinous rice under a small "sunshade king" (that is Lao Jiu's name). At night, you can still hear a message of a burden stopping on the road all the time, gongs, bangs, just slogans, and seldom rest. This kind of sound is very uncomfortable to our ears. Each sound is accompanied by a food that is enough to make us salivate, and in our habit we separate out the types of food from the different sounds. When we hear such sounds, we feel uncomfortable, and when we don't hear them,warehouse storage racks, we feel lonely. The most exciting thing is that Wayan comes home on Saturday. With her, we can try almost every kind of things that pass by the door at night. Not long after He Er left, a small Gong selling Ding Ding candy rested in front of the door again.
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