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The strongest abandons less (13th Jan 23 at 2:15am UTC)
He didn't think any more. The half-moon shovel in his hand had been sacrificed, and the half-moon shovel was completely different from the purple knife awn. Once it was sacrificed, it immediately turned into countless shovel shadows and disappeared from Yan Zhuo's hands, but it completely enveloped him together with his purple knife awn. For a time, in addition to the boundless shadow of the shovel. Kui was actually covered by the shadow of the shovel. This was the first battle after Zi was promoted to be the next immortal. When he saw the other side's shovel shadow, he knew that the other side had completely integrated attack and defense. Perhaps in Yan Zhuo's view, under such a fierce attack and defense, he had no way to escape. Yan Zhuo saw that he was easily enveloped by his own shovel shadow. I was relieved. He knew that it was over, and all the monks who thought his shovel shadow was a combination of attack and defense did not escape in the end, and when the shovel shadow disappeared. Have been killed by the shadow of the shovel or the red fog of bone erosion. Thinking of the trembling in his heart before, Yan Zhuo knew that he should have been too careful. A red smoke overflowed from the shadow of the shovel, and he immediately understood what Gao Nuan meant by being careful of the red fog. It turned out that this was Yan Zhuo's trump card. "Broken.." He gave a cold drink. The purple knife, which had been surrounded by the shovel shadow a moment ago, had rushed out of the shovel shadow, and the shovel shadow melted and dissipated in an instant. After the shovel shadow dissipates. The countless red mists did not leave, but completely surrounded the past, as if they were spiritual. But he didn't care at all about the red mist that surrounded him, and the purple in his hand split out again, the magic cloud Huashan knife. Sniff.. The red mist, like the maggots of the tarsus, surrounded it layer after layer, and even made a hissing sound. At this time, Gao Nuan, who had already sent out her head,Alumina Ceramic C795, just saw the red mist surrounding her, and cried out, but this moment of distraction, an ice thorn went directly through her ribs, bringing up a cloud of blood mist. Gao Hu's canthus was about to crack, and he attacked him crazily. Huan Yun Huashan Dao brought up a purple awn to lock in the shock of Yan Zhuo, and directly split the past. This knife is far from the original dazzling light, only a plain to the extreme purple knife awn, there is a faint line of hot red light in the knife awn, I know that it is the light of the'extreme flame star gold '. Yan Zhuo stared dully at the purple sword coming from the air, completely forgetting to avoid it, or that he had been locked by the sword domain and could not avoid it. He couldn't figure out why he was wrapped up in his bone-eroding red mist and had nothing to do yet, but he could still split out such a fierce and terrible knife? "Poof.." Dao Mang split from the top of Yan Zhuo's head, Kamado bbq grill ,10g Ozone Generator, and Yan Zhuo's primordial spirit overflowed in the blood fog. In his frightened eyes, he saw the purple fire flashing on his body, while his bone-eroding red fog was directly melted and dissipated by the automatic fire on his body. Purple Skyfire. Yan Zhuo yuan Shen's eyes fell into a dull state, and he understood what the sound of'hissing 'was? It is not the sound of corroding the other side's body, but the sound of burning the red fog of the other side's bone. He had never met such a strong virtual immortal monk, and this was the virtual immortal that Zhenyuan had not completely transformed? This ***ing is simply more than Jinxian Jinxian, even Jinxian, it is impossible to break his bone-eroding red fog so simply, it is impossible to lock him with such a simple knife. A black shadow rushed over, Yan Zhuo has been unable to regret, he was instantly swallowed by the black shadow, into the boundless darkness. (To be continued) Chapter 1531 the remains of the bog. .. co It was the first time that he used the sky fire from inside to outside. Usually he sacrificed the sun, but now he used it from inside to outside, and the effect was just as good. The red fog was burned out by his purple sky fire in an instant. Those red fog also do not know what it is, he estimated that even if he does not use the sky fire nine Yang, with his spiritual refining body, those red fog can not help him. But I can't bet. There are too many things that the fairy world can't control. His spiritual realm is only in the realm of cultivation, and he does not know the realm of immortal realm.
Who can be sure that his refining body will be able to block the red mist? After putting away Yan Zhuo's ring, he saw that Gao Nuan was already in danger. There was blood everywhere on his body, and his head was scattered. He could be killed at any time. Kui did not hesitate to sacrifice purple again and pounced on the friar who was fighting with Gao Nuan's brother and sister. When the friar saw the moment he killed Yan Zhuo, he knew it was not good. Yan Zhuo could beat several of them, which could be said to be the highest among the three of them. Now even Yan Zhuo can be killed, the two of them against this person can only be killed. At the same time when he put away Yan Zhuo's ring, the monk who fought with Gao Nuan's brother and sister immediately made an escape and tried to escape. But his speed is too slow, he put away the ring to sacrifice purple before and after but a breath time, even less than this speed, his escape light has not yet formed, purple completely bound him. So strong.. When the immortal monk was enveloped by the sword domain, he uttered two words in despair. He knew that even if he didn't run away and stayed to fight, he could only resist a few moves. And run away, just to make him die faster. Poof.. There was a flash of blood. As soon as the monk's primordial spirit overflowed, he was pounced on by the shadowless who had been waiting for a long time. Finally, the middle-aged monk saw that Yan Zhuo and another companion had been killed in a short time, and his mind was already trembling. Although Li Heng was equally amazed at the terrible means, he was on his side. He and the other side of the repair for the same, was originally a situation of entanglement, who knows even kill each other two people, his opponent was frightened to go, he seized the opportunity to hit. Even so, the other side escaped. Li Heng was about to go after him,ceramic welding tape, but he found that the monk who had escaped had not walked ten meters before he was killed by the man who had arrived. It was only a few dozen breaths, and he even killed three people. Brother and sister Li Heng and Gao Hu looked at him dully. How could they think of such an ordinary monk who had just been promoted. How can you go against the sky to such an extent? The two Xuxian monks in the back are all right, but who is Yan Zhuo? He is also a tyrant in the quagmire. 。
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