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Big entertainer (13th Jan 23 at 2:11am UTC)
Outside, Jessica and little crystal were both at the pool. Little Crystal is young and has not yet made her debut, so the concept of cosmetics and skin care products is still relatively weak. First of all, she finished washing. After seeing Li Jingyuan come out, the girl immediately gave up her position and went back to her room first. Brother-in-law, I go back first, you and elder sister wash slowly. "This girl must be talkative when she goes back." When the little crystal left, Jessica wanted to reach out to catch her, but the girl's action was so fast that Jessica caught the empty place. Looking at the back of the little crystal running away, and thinking of the girl's mischief for a day, Jessica could not help muttering. Ha ha, forget it, just say a few words, don't take it to heart. Li Jingyuan also had a headache, but he persuaded Jessica. Don't worry about it? Oppa, then why did you run out so quickly? Can't you stay in it? Although Jessica didn't talk much, she wasn't as confused as little t. When she saw Li Jingyuan coming out so early, she naturally thought of the situation in the room. Comparing what Li Jingyuan had just said, she asked Li Jingyuan with a smile. Eh. Okay, I admit it. As soon as Jessica said it,whirlpool hot tub spa, Li Jingyuan could only nod with a wry smile: "The people inside are really too gossipy. I really can't resist it." "Hey, hey." "Oh." Li Jingyuan admitted that Jessica had a little smirk, and after seeing Jessica's smile, Li Jingyuan also laughed. The more they laughed, the happier they felt, and unconsciously they could not stop. It's not because it's funny, it's just because of the sweetness between lovers. When two people who love each other are together, everything will be funny and smiles will be several times more than usual. Li Jingyuan and Jessica are now in such a situation,outdoor spa manufacturers, laughing happily at the same time, two people's hearts are also unconsciously full of happiness and sweet feelings. Laughing and washing, thinking that he would be teased by the family members when he went back, Li Jingyuan said to Jessica, "Why don't we go in later and sit outside for a while?" "Yes." After thinking about it, Jessica nodded and agreed, and the two of them went back to the platform in front of the room and sat down without entering the door. Now that the filming has been completed, except for the fixed cameras in the room, the cameras in the yard have stopped working, and the crew have returned to their camp, with only a few people staying here. Without so many staff members and family members in the house, the courtyard became much quieter and felt more empty. It is rare to have such a quiet space, and now it is in the countryside, when the evening breeze blows, whirlpool hot tub ,Whirlpool bathtub, it brings a burst of warmth in the countryside. In such an environment, Li Jingyuan and Jessica can not help but be intoxicated. In this quiet, Li Jingyuan and Jessica both did not take the initiative to speak, coincidentally kept silent. Although there was no dialogue, the atmosphere between the two people did not seem awkward, but became more and more sweet. Indeed, although Li Jingyuan and Jessica have become lovers, they really don't have much time to get along so quietly. Even if they don't have a schedule to get together, there are always other members of Girls' Generation or the big light bulb of Little Crystal around them. In such an environment, Jessica and Li Jingyuan will also be very happy, but more often feel the excitement of impetuosity, and rarely have the opportunity to feel the sweet feeling of precipitation like today.
The more quiet, the sweeter, feeling the ambiguity between the night, the two people are getting closer and closer, unconsciously, Jessica put her head on Li Jingyuan's shoulder, hand in Li Jingyuan's arms, and at the same time unconsciously hummed a gentle tune, it is clear that Jessica is now in a good mood to the extreme. Li Jingyuan is also in a good mood, while Jessica hums a tune, his body is also slightly shaking from side to side, and Jessica leaning on him is also shaking. This shaking is very small, but there is also a very small friction between the two bodies, it is this small, not intense friction, so that the pink atmosphere between the two people is more and more intense. Eh? What are you two doing here? Just as the pink atmosphere was getting stronger and stronger, a very abrupt voice rang out. It turned out that Yin Zhongxin, the eldest brother, had walked out of the room: "Seeing that you two had not come back, I thought you had not finished washing. It turned out that you had already finished washing and came here to enjoy the sweetness." A voice suddenly appeared in the quiet, which was already very surprising. In addition, Yoon Jong-shin's voice was very distinctive. After it fell into the ears of Lee Kyung-won and Jessica, it made them feel even more sudden. So after Yoon Jong-shin made a sound, the two men shivered and were obviously startled. Haha, what are you doing? You're not doing something that's not suitable for children, are you? From the back of the two men, seeing their shivering figure, Yin Zhongxin did not miss the opportunity, and immediately laughed and joked. Brother Zhong Xin, is that all you know? Can't you say something else? "Zhong Xin oppa ~!!" This whole day was teased countless times, Li Jingyuan and Jessica have formed a habit, subconsciously complained, have to say, just that sweet time,jacuzzi swim spa, to them really added some tacit understanding, the time to speak is exactly the same, almost at the same time to protest against Yin Zhongxin.
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