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Limit exchange space _ 20200215155746. (13th Jan 23 at 2:11am UTC)
And around the city of blood maple, there are a lot of robbers exist, to the city of blood maple on the way to countless robbers, can be said to be the darkest corner of the continent of nothingness, no place will be more dark than that, full of countless violence, there is the battlefield of blood and tears, but also the graves of countless villains. After explaining Blood Maple City with Yi Chi, looking at the excited light in Yi Chi's eyes, Yu Fei immediately frowned. You're not going there, are you? Yufei took the initiative to talk to Yi Chi for the first time, although the tone appears to be very stiff, but compared to that kind of indifferent appearance, it is much better. Smiling and nodding, Yi Chi did not hide his ideas, anyway, Yu Fei must follow him, and now Yi Chi is also satisfied with the bodyguard, and her benefits are more and more obvious, not to say that along the way to let oneself know more about the forces of the whole nihilistic continent, just to protect themselves in this respect, let Yi Chi very satisfied. Own a small true holy land saint, although there is a little special, but really fight will not be the opponent of those Xuansheng, let alone the holy land saint above,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, then Yi Chi is not their opponent. In contrast, with the existence of Yufei, Yi Chi is much safer, at least the master has her top, and he only needs to deal with those opponents he can deal with. It is precisely because of this, Yi Chi decided to go to the Yufei mouth of the blood maple city, in order to let their strength quickly improve, at the same time let the hands of the dark soul grow up quickly. Seeing that Yi Chi really wanted to go to Blood Maple City, Yu Fei immediately opened her mouth and said,hot tub wholesale, "No!"! I was ordered by the Supreme to protect you, and I can't let you go to such a dangerous place! Hearing this, Yi Chi couldn't help looking at Yu Fei and said with a smile, "You can't stop me!" Yufei frowned tightly, this is the first time she has a new understanding of Yi Chi's stubbornness, it seems that no one can change what he decided, which makes Yufei very headache. Although Yufei also has the strength of the peak of the emperor's holy land, but there is no lack of such existence in the city of blood maple, if one or two of her Yufei can deal with, but if three or four, then Yi Chi will certainly die there, then how can she explain to the Supreme! Thinking of this, Yu Fei is more determined to stop Yi Chi from going to Blood Maple City, but she can't stop Yi Chi, if she really does so, the relationship between her and Yi Chi will be completely broken, not to mention chatting like now, hot tub spa manufacturers ,endless swim pool, it is estimated that Yi Chi will directly start with her. After a little understanding of Yi Chi, Yu Fei felt that this was a very possible thing. In Yufei's view, although Yi Chi is not the kind of person who doesn't know how to pity, he is not the one who likes to accommodate women. He has his own ideas, and his ideas can't be changed by anyone. Yufei even thinks that even if the Supreme speaks to stop Yi Chi, he will continue to do what he wants to do. Such stubborn and persistent character makes Yufei helpless at the same time. He also became curious about Yi Chi. Although Yufei, who was indifferent by nature, wanted to stop Yi Chi's idea, she had no choice but to go to one side and sulk. Yi Chi saw all this in his eyes, and when he saw Yu Fei walking to one side in a huff, he immediately laughed. This guy still has her feminine side! Thought to himself, Yi Chi would like to be more pity for women, he is the most hated is bullying girls, but this does not mean that he has to compromise with women in some things, especially when the other side does not have much to do with him, Yi Chi will not do so. To put it nicely, Yi Chi takes pity on women. To put it bluntly, Yi Chi actually only takes pity on those women who obey him. As for the rest, in Yi Chi's eyes, there is no difference between them and the weeds and insects on the ground.
Yi Chi has always followed a self-centered path, everything should be centered on him. Yi Chi always feels that people should be like this. Although those who selflessly contribute to others deserve respect, those who really respect them are only those who have been helped by them. And this respect has a shelf life. Once the shelf life is over, no one will remember you. Maybe future generations will criticize you in various ways. Just like Lei Feng in Yi Chi's previous life, Yi Chi admitted that Lei Feng was a good man, and an out-and-out good man, but in the long river of time, his deeds were slowly forgotten by people, and even some people began to criticize him, threatening that this is personal heroism, in Yi Chi's view, this is simply bullshit. Who can make others do it well? You can't even do it yourself, and you're already thinking about teaching others to do it well, so aren't you misleading? Those who say that Lei Feng can only do good deeds for himself and can't educate others to do good deeds, why don't they think that they are so qualified when they say this? If they did the same thing as Lei Feng, then it's nothing for him to say so, but they didn't. Who was really a good person in the society of Yi Chi's previous life? Society is a big dye vat, you go in, even if you come out immediately, it will be dyed a little color, this is inevitable. So Yi Chi has always felt that people should have a principle of following themselves. If they feel right, they should do it. If they feel wrong, they should not do it. As for other people, this is not what Yi Chi can manage. Maybe Yi Chi, who has a good relationship with himself, will say a few words, but those strangers, Yi Chi is too lazy to manage them! Perhaps Yi Chi's idea will make some people feel heartless, but this is a real person, no one can do so love without distorting me, if even their own food to eat, who will give others food to eat? Yi Chi is not a saint, Yi Chi has always felt that he is a bad person, he has done a lot of bad things, but in the eyes of many people familiar with Yi Chi,outdoor hot tub, Yi Chi is an out-and-out good person, this is because people have different concerns, naturally there will be different conclusions.
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