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Favor one's wife as queen (13th Jan 23 at 2:09am UTC)
Bluff Bi Chi hurriedly holding the little master's face, not to move: "Four girls, the excitement has also been together, let's go back to the room." But she was afraid of this playful four girls, there are still injuries on the body, dare to act foolishly in the world of ice and snow, back to the head of the injury can not be cured, the little girl who loves beauty should cry again. Zhen Baoling immediately agreed, this time only dared to nod very slightly, slightly larger range of action did not dare to do. But loving flowers, she did not forget to order the green pond to fold a few red plum back, she would put it in a white bottle to smell, and send a few to her mother and sister. Where is my sister? Why haven't I seen her for most of the day? Zhen Baoling is Xiao's youngest daughter, and there is a nine-year-old sister above her. Bichi looked sympathetically at Zhen Baoling, who had broken her brain. "The two girls went to the south of the Yangtze River to study with your grandfather. They said they would come back next autumn." This Bichi did not want to say, afraid to hook out Zhen Baoling's playful heart, like a month ago, life and death to follow. Grandfather Duanwang refused to go, so he cried at the top of his voice. Bichi peeked at Zhen Baoling and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she had no intention of making trouble. Zhen Baoling's heart is a teenage girl, naturally will not be upset for this little thing. All she can think about now is that it's good that her mother and sister are still alive. Oh, Zhen Baoling is happy, her head is a little heavy, and the back of her head is pulling the wound again. Zhen Baoling frowned, and it was really painful to hurt her head. When the master and servant picked out the brilliant red plum branches and returned to the main room of the Begonia Courtyard, Xiao Shi had just finished her work and came from the other end. She was startled to see her precious little girl coming back from the outside. It was freezing outside, and it was no joke to freeze the wound on the head. The girl is small, not sensible, Xiao Shi can not bear to criticize, had to use the eyes of blame to sweep to the green pool behind the girl. As a big servant girl, the monthly silver is enough, that is,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, to take care of the master's duty, should be advised to persuade. Mother, I haven't seen my mother for a long time, so I want to give her some gifts. Zhen Baoling, six years old, picked out a brilliant red plum and raised her little hand to give her mother a hairpin. "This is beautiful." Zhen Baoling mouth sweet, at the moment is a small meat dumpling, throw on Xiao's leg to do any action at will, can let Xiao see the heart all melt. What's more, she had only been in a coma for three days, and she was thinking of sending her safflower. Xiao's heart was so warm that she was willing to blame such a well-behaved girl. As soon as he hugged Xiao Baoling into his arms, he went to see the wound on Xiao Baoling's head with heartache. Fortunately, I didn't get bleeding from the silly girl. Taking off the thick cloak for her daughter, Xiao also picked out a small and delicate red plum, which was pinned behind the little bell's ear, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 stainless steel wire, adding a touch of joy to her daughter who had just recovered from a serious illness. The mother and daughter looked together in the mirror, one big and one small, smiling so that their lips were curved. Zhen Baoling leaned on her mother's bosom. Perhaps this six-year-old body was really recovering from a serious illness. She went outside for a while, but now she was a little sleepy. She found a comfortable position in her mother's bosom and fell asleep. Xiao held her daughter in her arms and slept for a long time before she carefully took off her skirt and gently put it on the shelf bed in the green gauze cabinet. Xiao lay on her side and stayed with her for a long time until the woman in charge outside had something to report. Zhen Baoling, six years old, slept so long that she even missed dinner. The father-in-law of the moon has come to the world to sprinkle silver, but Zhen Baoling hasn't woken up yet. I don't know if the wound on the back of her head was really frozen, but Zhen Baoling had a dream in which she tore with a masked man in black in a galloping carriage, and was finally thrown out of the carriage and hit a big stone on the back of her head. "That hurts.". Zhen Baoling was woken up by the pain and sat up in surprise. Holding the quilt, looking at everything dark in the room, my heart trembled, where was she? But don't go back to the sad world of the Crown Princess. Busy looking down at himself, or small arms and legs of the six-year-old himself, only to breathe a sigh of relief, fortunately did not return to the sad last life. She likes to go back to the days when she was a child. She has a mother who loves her. When her father and sister come back in the future, there will be more happy days. More importantly, she can change the regrets in her life bit by bit, change the fate of herself and her loved ones, and make her family harmonious and beautiful.
"Four girls, but your head hurts again?" The big servant girl of Biyan, who was keeping vigil on the couch outside, heard the little master's cry of pain and hurried to look at the lamp. See the little master sitting in the middle of the bed with a brocade quilt, a small mass, sweat on his forehead, busy to bring hot water to wipe the little master. Bi Yan was wiping her sweat, but little Zhen Baoling was immersed in the dream just now, which was too real, as if it was the last life. In the dream, there were also the prince and Tang Yueer, who were bouncing on the bed. Luan . Pour . Feng Shi She caught me red-handed. Zhen Baoling, six years old, was very confused. There was no such scene in her last life. Why did it appear in her dream today? Biyan saw that the little master was twisting his eyebrows and had a heavy heart. She thought that the little master had a severe pain in the back of his head and was almost going to announce the doctor again. In the middle of the night, Zhen Baoling repeatedly pondered the dream, did not sort out a clue, but tossed his head dizzy. I don't know when I finally fell asleep. It's really too much. In the Spring Festival, when rumors like this come out, the rumormongers are not afraid of sores in the mouth. The next morning, when Zhen Baoling was still lying on the bed sleeping in a daze, two little maids were whispering under the eaves of the corridor outside the green gauze cabinet, and their faces were full of anger. Her little master is so lovely, unexpectedly has that black-hearted arrangement, her little master is a flower demon, but also the words will be so ugly, what Zhen Baoling really fell to death on the palace rockery, now alive, is the flower demon possessed, is a monster at all. Perhaps the soul of the original body was eaten by this flower demon. The evidence is also quite lifelike, what did not fall before Zhen Baoling to Tang Yueer is how good, similar injuries are not without, how can this time just for a little accident to step on the skirt,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, completely break up with Tang Yueer? If the former Zhen Baoling, never reluctant to stand in front of Tang Yueer in public, disliked to even let Tang Yueer touch the skirt.
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