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When the heroine travels to the male frequency tex (13th Jan 23 at 1:05am UTC)
It seems that Wang Ji hanged herself because of the long princess. This is ridiculous! Kui Xun has depression, just a guess of Jiang You, Dr. Cui's medical skill is brilliant, although there is no medicine to treat Kui Xun's disease, but after Dr. Cui's careful diagnosis and treatment, Kui Xun's state has stabilized, and then live for more than ten years is no problem, how suddenly crying to commit suicide ah? "Who did she see and what did she hear today?" Jiang You suspected that Kui Xun was stimulated by something. Hua Rong shook his head. "Wang Ji doesn't trust anyone except Pei Yu. She never talks to our people on her own initiative." Jiang You nodded, "OK, change clothes for me and go to see Wang Ji." She was a little curious, what did this Peiyu say that Kui Xun suddenly wanted to die? You know, when King Wei Ai died of illness, Kui Xun didn't even think about going with her brother. Seeing Jiang You come out, Peiyu was moved to tears. Although her tears are not valuable, if she had not mentioned the strange stone in front of Wang Ji today, Wang Ji might not have suddenly wanted to die. Kui Xun did not expect that when he opened his eyes, he would see Jiang You. From the last time I saw Jiang You, more than half a month has passed, Jiang You came to see her, like a routine, came to say a few words, comfort her, ask how her body, and then left. Jiang You didn't say a word about what he wanted to know. Meng You. Every time he heard Kui Xun call this name, Jiang You felt a little uncomfortable. Although the name of soy sauce is not much better, sleepwalking sounds more confusing. Wang Ji, do you feel better? Jiang You is a generous person, even if others call her sleepwalking, she still greets with a smile. Kui Xun shook his head, raised his body, and looked at the maids and doctors in the room. Jiang You smiled, raised his hand,x52 line pipe, and the men saluted and retreated. Peiyu also followed. Before she left, she looked at her worriedly. She lowered her head and didn't see her eyes. All right, everyone has left. If Wang Ji has something to say, just say it. "What on earth do you want to do, Princess?" The author has something to say: I was so confused yesterday that I didn't know what I had coded. Fortunately did not deviate from the general direction, at least to write out what should be written, infrastructure has suddenly become the world, but the pace of infrastructure can not stop, or to engage in. Cry, I have to code a lot of words today. Then I would like to complain that Jinjiang is really smoking today, but I can't comment on it, and the app is stuck to death _ (: ~) _ Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angels who threw [mines]: yuan Xiaowang 3; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: yuan Xiaowang 10 bottles; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Are you willing to "Wang Ji, why do you say that?"? But a maid snubbed Wang Ji and made Wang Ji unhappy? Kui Xun felt that Jiang You's tone was very familiar. She once asked her father how to understand the general trend of the world. Her father didn't want to talk about it in detail, so he talked to her in such a perfunctory tone as coaxing a child. Princess Chang, the strategy of the strange stone is really vicious. Your purpose is not just Meng Guo, is it? You want to deal with the cremation of power, uns s31803 sheet ,uns s32760 plate, but you have thought, if the cremation fell, the world will be how? I come from Jinlin to find you, not to be the knife in your hand, to cut me Dawei! Kui Xun shouted angrily, as if to shout out all the depression in his chest in one breath. Jiang You looked at the girl leaning on the bed. Her cheeks were sunken, thin and incredible. Her yellow hair was neatly combed behind her head. When she shouted, her whole body was trembling. She was afraid that her eyes were full of tears, and she stubbornly refused to bow her head. How interesting Jiang You laughed out loud, who would have thought that the ordinary morbid girl in front of him was the only Wang Ji in the Wei Dynasty? "What are you laughing at?" Kui Xun was frightened by Jiang You's smile, and refused to admit defeat staring at Jiang You. "I laugh, Wang Ji makes trouble like this today, originally just to see me, say these words with me." Jiang You felt even more amused, "Wang Ji felt that the world was dull?"? Is the cremation dull? Am I stupid? Kui Xun is a little embarrassed, she does not want to make trouble, but she does not make trouble, Jiang You has countless reasons to avoid her questioning, will always perfunctory her.
Dawei is tottering now, and her body is getting worse and worse. She can't wait. No. She knew that there were no fools in the world, that everyone was smart, and that she was afraid of being smart. But all over the world, dare to question what I want to do in front of me, only Wang Ji, isn't Wang Ji the smartest one? Kui Xun was suddenly afraid, and that kind of fear, like a bone-eating ant, gnawed her bones inch by inch. That's ridiculous. Wang Ji, you are sick at the right time, if not every day lingering in bed, you can not understand everything, want to understand everything. But you've been sick for too long. You're as sick as David. You're dying. Jiang you tidied up the sleeves, her sleeves embroidered with blue dragon, ferocious dragon head roared all the way up, the dragon's seven inches, in the place where her fingers pinched, "you're right, the cremation fell, the world will be in chaos, but, who gave the cremation the right to ask them to help the king in charge of the world, are they born?" "Qing and Dafu are born to govern the country." "Wrong!" Jiang You drank, firmly, "this world has never been born.". I heard too much of the so-called born, now I am in charge of the land of the three States, the capital of heaven is extremely rich and prosperous, where am I not as good as those who indulge in power and greed to the extreme? I am not as good as those useless people who sit on the throne! With what, I should always lower their head, do a long princess, and can not be king! "Princess Chang, you are already the king of the same vassal." "Is it?"? Now that I am king, what about my kingdom? Since I am already the king,316ti stainless steel, why does the right prime minister of Meng State dare to say with the king of Meng State that he wants to take back Zhongzhou? Why did Wei always say that Qingzhou was ceded to Meng instead of me? Wang Ji, you are so intelligent that you are countless times stronger than Nanchuan. But those people would rather support a fool to ascend the throne than look at you, Wang Ji. Are you willing to do that? Are you willing?.
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