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Romance of the Three Kingdoms (13th Jan 23 at 12:58am UTC)
But the giffin expected to know what Cao Cao meant, so he wanted to play the trick. He said to Zhang Xiu, "Someone saw Cao Cao walking around the city for three days.". He saw the color of bricks and earth in the southeast corner of the city, old and new, and most of the antlers were destroyed. He intended to attack from here, but he went to the northwest to accumulate grass. He cheated for momentum and wanted to coax me to withdraw my troops to defend the northwest. He would climb into the southeast corner by night. "Then what can you do?" Said the embroiderer. Xu said, "This is easy to hear.". In the future can today's strong soldiers, well-fed and light, all in the southeast house, but teach the people to pretend to be a sergeant, keep the northwest. Let him climb the city in the southeast corner at night. As soon as it climbed into the city, a cannon, ambush together, *** can be captured. Embroidered happy, from its plan. Have a report to Cao Cao, said Zhang embroidered all withdraw troops in the northwest corner, shouting guarding city, southeast is very empty. Cao Cao said, "In my plan!" He ordered the army to prepare the tools for climbing the city. Only led the army to attack the northwest corner during the day. In the second watch, he led a good soldier to climb over the trench in the southeast corner and cut off the antlers. There was no movement in the city, and all the troops rushed in together. There was only the sound of a cannon and an ambush. Jun hurry back, behind Zhang embroidered drive brave to kill. Jun trounced, out of the city, running dozens of miles. Zhang Xiu killed until the dawn of the day before the army into the city. Cao CaoJi points defeat, more than fifty thousand people, lost countless trench. Lv Qian and Yu Jin were all injured. Said the giffin see Cao Cao failure, urgently advised Zhang embroidered suicide note Liu table, make arise to intercept its way out. Table to the book, that is,smart boards for conference rooms, to rise. Suddenly the horse report sun ce garrison hukou. Kuai Liang said, 'It was Cao Cao's plan to station troops at the mouth of the lake. If you don't take advantage of the new defeat, there will be trouble later. Table is to make Howie stick to the pass, his army to AnZhong county intercept Cao behind the road; a side date Zhang embroidery. Embroidery know table soldiers have, namely with the giffin led soldiers attack. Peter said Cao army slowly, to Xiangcheng, to clear water, Cao suddenly burst into tears on the horse. When all the people were surprised and asked why, Cao Cao said, "I thought I had killed my general Dian Wei here last year, and I couldn't help crying." Because he ordered the garrison warhorse,smart board touch screen, set up a big feast, to pay tribute to Dian Wei soul. *** personally Nianxiang crying worship, the armed forces are all sigh. At the end of the ceremony, Fang offered sacrifices to his nephew Tsao An-min and his eldest son Tsao Ang, as well as to the fallen soldiers, and even to the horse of Dawan, which had been shot to death. The next day, suddenly Xun Yu sent someone to report, "Liu Biao helped Zhang Xiu station troops to pacify the people and cut off my way back." In reply, Cao Cao said, "I have traveled several miles a day, but I do not know that a thief is coming to pursue me. However, I have already made my plan. If I go to Anzhong, the embroidery will be broken.". Don't doubt it. He urged the army to AnZhong county boundary. Liu Biaojun has kept dangerous, Zhang embroidered then led the army. Cao Nai ordered the army to clear the way in the dark and ambush the surprise soldiers. And dim light, Liu table, Zhang Xiujun rendezvous, see Cao Bing less, suspected Cao Dun, all led soldiers into danger. Manipulate the surprise soldiers to defeat the soldiers of the two families. Cao Bing out of the pass, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,interactive touch screens education, in the pass under the plug. Liu table, Zhang embroidered the whole defeated meet. The table said, "What time will you fall for Cao Cao's trick?" Embroidery said, "Let me do it again." So the two armies gathered in Anzhong. Peter said Xun Yu found out Lombardi to attack Xu, starry night gallop book newspaper Cao Cao. *** the book flustered, the same day back. Detailed report to know Zhang embroidery, embroidery to pursue. "You cannot pursue him," said the giffin. "If you pursue him, you will be defeated." Liu Biao said, "If we do not pursue him today, we will miss the opportunity." Urge embroidery led the army more than ten thousand with the pursuit. About more than ten miles, catch up with Jun. Jun struggling to engage, embroidery, table and defeat. Embroidery said to Xu, "There is no need to speak publicly. If there is such a failure." Xu said, "Now we can reorganize our troops to pursue him." Both the embroidery and the watch said, "Now that I have been defeated, how can I pursue it again?" Xu said, "If you go after me now, you will surely win a great victory. If not, please kill my head." Embroider the letter. Liu table doubts, refused to go together. Embroidery is led an army to chase. Cao Bing indeed as expected defeat, warhorse trench, even the road scattered and walk. Embroidery is chasing forward. Suddenly the mountain after a Biao army crowded out. Embroidery dare not chase, back to AnZhong army. Liu Biao asked the giffin, saying, "In the first place, we pursued the retreating troops with good soldiers, and the Duke said that we would surely be defeated. In the second place, we defeated the soldiers and defeated them, and the Duke said that we would surely overcome them. The truth is as the Duke has said.". Why are things different and all come true? May Gongming teach me. Xu said, "This is easy to understand.". Although the general is good at fighting, he is not Cao Cao's opponent. Even if Cao Cao's army is defeated, there must be a strong general in the rear hall to guard against his pursuers. Although our army is sharp, it cannot be defeated. Therefore, we know that it will be defeated. Cao Cao, who is anxious to withdraw his troops, must have something to do with Xu. When he has defeated our pursuers, he will drive back quickly, and there will be no need to prepare. I took advantage of their unpreparedness and pursued them even more, so I was able to win. Both Liu Biao and Zhang Xiu were convinced. Xu advised table back to Jingzhou, embroidered guarding Xiangcheng, thought lips and teeth. The two armies dispersed.
Peter said Cao Cao is between the line, after the smell of the army for embroidery, urgent lead people back to rescue, see embroidered army has retreated. The defeated soldier replied to Cao Cao, saying, "Had it not been for the troops behind the mountain blocking the middle road, we would all have been captured." *** who to ask urgently. The man shot dismounted, pay his respects to Cao Cao, is the town of Wei corps commander, Jiangxia pingchun people, surnamed Li, name pass, the word. ***, ask where to come. Tong said, "When I was near Runan, I heard that the prime minister was fighting with Zhang Xiu and Liu Biao. I have come to meet him." Caoxi, sealing for the construction of Hou, keep the west boundary of Runan, in case of table, embroidery. Li Tong thanked him and left. *** also Xu, table play sun ce, named for inverse general,smart board whiteboard, give jue Wu Hou, sent a letter to Jiangdong, orders to suppress Liu table.
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