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The female partner is not involved (5th Jan 23 at 2:22am UTC)
Seven, seven, forty-nine Tao hearts merge with the Tao of Heaven, emitting brilliant light, and slowly filling in the black hole. Compassion and benevolence infuse it with hope; opening things and seeking truth make it move from barbarism to civilization; freedom and right view keep it alive forever; killing and destruction make it half light and half shadow, without losing balance. In the end, infinity and chaos expand its margin, prop up its vastness, and make it eternal in the universe. The black hole collapsed in an instant, and the evil spirit and spirit sucked away flowed back into the world like rivers, lakes and seas. The withered forests and grasslands gradually dyed green, the dying creatures opened their muddy eyes, the dry land gushed out clear springs, and the dark sky shed warm light. Once again, this dilapidated world is full of vitality. However, the forty-nine people standing in the big array turned into points of light and dissipated between heaven and earth. Lin Dan! Standing on the cliff, Le Zhengjiu sent out a cry of grief. Liang Jinxi looked at his body, which was filled with Reiki, and gave out a hearty laugh. As long as this side of heaven and earth forever, she can also practice soaring, survive thousands of years, and even continue to reincarnation, to find the next opportunity. Le Zhengjiu fell to his knees,empty cosmetic tubes, his dry eyes unable to shed half a drop of tears. He turned back to look at Liang Jinxi, and his eyes became particularly cold. At the same time, perceiving that the catastrophe of heaven and earth had passed, the Demons United with the Demons to attack the realm of cultivation again, but the way of heaven sent down a thunderbolt to destroy all these evil things. It was the monks of the South China mainland who gave their hearts to save this side of heaven and earth, and it was doomed that the Holy Devil Continent would be more barren and the South China Continent would be more prosperous from now on. The leading magic man sensed the favor of heaven for the monks, and immediately released a treasure, laid a boundary, and isolated the Holy Devil Continent from the South China Continent,plastic packing tube, thus avoiding the end of the magic man being exterminated. The Demons left behind by the Demons became the target of public criticism and were mercilessly killed by the monks. Liang Jinxi, who was in a happy mood, soon stopped laughing because she found that her body had numerous black patterns, which were the symbol of the Demons. But now, the behavior of the Demons ganging up with the Demons to slaughter the mainland of South China has completely angered the monks. No one will pity the poor life experience of the Demons any more. They will only raise the butcher's knife to kill them when they see them. This kind of hatred is the hatred of extermination, but also the hatred of extermination, which will never be solved! The Xuanji Sect disciples standing around Liang Jinxi soon noticed her abnormality and screamed, "Elder Martial Sister Liang is a Demon!"! Kill her now! "Well, you Liang Jinxi, you hide so deep!" "I remember, Lin Danshi had said that Liang Jinxi was a Demon, let everyone be careful to guard against her.". At that time, no one believed Lin Danshi, but drove her away! "Yes, yes, Lin Danshi is upright and noble, empty lotion tubes ,custom cosmetic packing, how can he slander her?"! She framed Lin Dan Shi! Come on, everybody, kill her! Disciples of the Xuanji Sect, who had respected Liang Jinxi, immediately began to besiege her, showing no mercy in every move. Liang Jinxi did not understand why his body had changed, and when he caught a glimpse of Le Zhengjiu, who was standing on a high place and laughing at himself, he realized that everything was his trouble. Le Zhengjiu said to 000 in his mind, "Do you think she can hear me talking to you?" "I don't know. Her ability is so special that I can't detect it." "Then give it a try.". Liang Jinxi, you probably don't know that once I uninstall the original system, all the props I buy through it will be invalid, except those used, of course. Do you remember? Not only did you take away my return props, but you also took away a heavenly treasure used to suppress the evil spirit. Now that the treasure is invalid, you can't hide the identity of the Demons. I can make you the mistress, or I can make you worse than an ant. Liang Jinxi brandished the Apocalypse Sword to fight with the crowd, and there was nothing unusual on his face. Le Zhengjiu said to 000, "Exchange the last 100 million points to buy the curse of eternity." "Boss, you only have 100 million points left. If you use all of them to buy this prop, you will be trapped in this small world forever." There are traces of Lin Dan's existence here, and I want to leave them behind. She lives forever with Heaven, and I live in her glory. Le Zhengjiu looked up at the sky, showing a gentle smile.
"Well," 000 quickly cashed the props and introduced them in a rigid way: "The eternal curse, 5S props, if imposed on someone, can make the soul of the other party be imprisoned in a purgatory forever, suffering from the pain of devouring the heart and bone, until the power of the soul is exhausted." In the fight, Liang Jinxi's lower plate is slightly superficial. Le Zhengjiu smiled lightly and then turned away: "On Liang Jinxi." "A good host." 000 pressed the OK button. Liang Jinxi stumbled and fell from the sky without being hit. In order to break away from her restraint, the Apocalypse Sword in her hand wiped away its wisdom and became an ordinary sword. Thousands of sword light hit, Liang Jinxi only had time to send out a scream of unwillingness to turn into a pool of blood, but her soul was cursed and bound, never to be detached. Le Zhengjiu did not care what kind of danger Liang Jinxi would encounter. He protected her for hundreds of generations, gave her many precious things, and was played by her like a monkey. Now that he had come to his senses, it was not too much to take back all that he had given her. In fact, his means have been much more gentle, because Lin Dan, he is willing to be a better person. He returned to the cave house, took out the plain white belt and gazed at it for a long time. Suddenly there was a murmur, and he said in disbelief, "boss, I have a piece of news to tell you that I don't know whether it is good or not. Your task has been completed.". When your life is over, you will automatically return to eleven dimensions. "Done?"? Impossible! The news did not make Le Zhengjiu happy, but made him frown deeply. Is really finished, in the moment of Lin Dan's disappearance, she accepted my binding, that is to say, she and you are teammates. She completed the task of salvation,metal cosmetic tubes, which means you completed the task of salvation. Because this world is a 5s-level world, you get 50 billion points. Congratulations, boss! 。
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