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God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Drag (5th Jan 23 at 2:12am UTC)
"When the three princes moved just now, they must have branded the star pattern of the seven-star sword on the ground at the same time, which had a miraculous effect at this time!" "The third prince is one of the most promising successors to the next emperor. How can this little thief be an opponent?" Many people sneer. In the distance, Wei Yanhe stood up and looked a little cold. With a buzz, the bright starlight appeared from its side, like the tide of the sea pressing on the forest. At the same time, on the ground, the star pattern of the seven-star Shenxing sword he branded became more dazzling, and the sword light that rushed to Lin Tian became more fierce. Ka! The void was smashed directly, and large areas were broken open. Lin Tian's eyes were indifferent, and he had to admit that as the third prince of a great Dynasty, Wei Yanhe was really strong. Head, bring it here. Wei Yanhe stepped over at this time. Its body side, the starlight jumps continuously, each wisp is interwoven with the incomparably terrible breath, each wisp seems to be able to easily slay an immortal triple day strong. Then, these bright stars suddenly condensed into seven round stars, each star is exactly seven inches straight, with the seven stars from the ground to kill the sword pressure to Lin Tian. For a moment, all the space around Lin Tian was closed, and it was difficult for a mosquito to fly out. Seven Star Lianzhu, Seven Star Shenxing Kill Sword, both in one, this thief will die! In the distance, someone clenched his fists and said, "At the beginning, the third prince killed a strong man in the Eight Heavens with this blow." "I'm dead!" All the people were staring at Lin Tian in a gloomy way. Lin Tian's chest was cut out of a blood stain by the seven-star sword,Time Delay Faucet, but his expression did not change at all, and his speed was faster, dodging the dense seven-star sword gas. Die. Wei Yanhe is really close. With a bang, the Seven Star Shenxing Sword and the Seven Star Lianzhu Magic Power pressed down on Lin Tian. In an instant, the void was twisted on the spot, and all the tangible things were crushed in the four directions. Lin Tian's eyes were indifferent, facing the Seven Stars Shenxing Sword and the Seven Stars Lianzhu Magic Power, without the slightest expression of panic. I told you, you can't take my head. In the end,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, you're just like everyone else, a corpse. He said indifferently, raised his right hand, and suddenly there were two four-elephant road maps emerging, one of which pressed the seven-star Shenxing Sword, and the other flew forward to meet Wei Yanhe's seven-star magic power. Sniff! "Sniff!" As two light sounds came out, the dense seven-star Shenxing Sword was annihilated on the spot, and together with the seven star lines branded on the ground, it collapsed. At the same time, the magic power of the seven stars disappeared in an instant, as if it had been plunged into the boundless nothingness. In such a scene, the immediate Wei Yanhe was moved again: "You..." "Hum!" The light shines brightly and illuminates all around in an instant. After sealing and annihilating the Seven Star Divine Sword and the Seven Star Bead Magic Power with the Four Elephants, Lin Tian did not stop at all. He directly propped up the Heavenly Magic and called out all kinds of Heavenly Magic, such as the Jiuquan Holy Sword. He stepped on the two instruments and was forced to Wei Yanhe in an instant. With a loud bang, the void shook greatly, and more than ten kinds of celestial gods pressed down together toward Wei Yanhe, enveloping the ten directions of space at the same time. Wei Yanhe changed color, quickly offered a magical power to resist, launched the seven-star body method to dodge, Flushometer valve ,Time Delay Tap, unfortunately, after all, it is impossible to avoid all. Bang! The barren mountain of the evolution of Tianyan God fell on its body and directly smashed it tens of feet away, falling into the crowd. Three princes! Next to them, the monks of the Qiyao Dynasty hurriedly surrounded them, and all of them turned pale with fright. Also at this time, a more astonishing roar sounded, Lin Tian stepped in, Tian Yan Shen Shu condensed Jiuquan Holy Sword, mercilessly toward Wei Yanhe's head. At the same time, he evolved the magic weapon bell, the place where Dao Ren Tianzun realized the Tao, the clover sea and the bloody crack, and so on, to suppress them in all directions, so as not to give Wei Yanhe any room to dodge. Chapter 656 Seven Stars Grinding Fairy Plate. More than ten kinds of celestial performance gods are all around, and the Jiuquan Holy Sword falls from the sky, which completely imprisons the space of the four directions. Keng! Like the sound of the real sword, the Jiuquan Holy Sword pressed down and directly split the void. Now, with the cultivation of the realm of immortals, he urges heaven to perform magic, and Jiuquan Holy Sword becomes more powerful, as if it was the same as the old drunkard's original sword, and the light-shaped body of the sword is burning like a divine fire. Murderous look, vast four fields.
"Prince!" A strong man is in a great hurry. This sword is completely attacked and killed from a dead corner, and it is unavoidable. Wei Yanhe's eyes flashed a touch of cold light, and he grabbed a monk next to him and went straight ahead. Poof! This person is in the air seven heavy, how can stop Lin Tian to perform the divine evolution of Jiuquan sword, was cut apart on the spot, blood red a piece of the surface. This "Three, three princes." "How, how can." The crowd changed color. Lin Tian slanted his head to look, his eyes narrowed, and a ray of light flashed: "It's interesting to use the clansmen as a shield." Staring at Wei Yanhe, he had an unconcealed irony on his face. Wei Yanhe did not have any emotional fluctuations, and his expression was calm: "My life is different from theirs." Staring at Lin Tian, he went on to say, "Besides, it was you who killed him. I will avenge him." With a bang, his body suddenly rushed out of a very amazing breath, surrounded by stars in his body, a mysterious astrolabe slowly gathered. Yes, yes, yes, you are different from them. Lin Tian couldn't help laughing and said, "You are a piece of scum." He used the clansmen as a shield to survive, and afterwards he could find a high-sounding reason to say that "my life is different from theirs", which really made him sick. Wei Yanhe's face became cold, and Lin Tian dared to call him scum. Rip your mouth out. He said coldly. With a bang, the light of the astrolabe outside his body was interwoven, and a more astonishing wave spread out, rumbling in the void, and cracks appeared one after another. Facing such a breath, in this place, most of the monks of the Qiyao Dynasty retreated, all with palpitations on their faces. Such a breath, as if it could shatter everything. Lin Tianwei narrowed his eyes, and this astrolabe raised a little pressure on him. He raised his hand to make a seal,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, and around him, thousands of shadows emerged, as if thousands of spirits between heaven and earth had been summoned by him.
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