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Solid Panel Shutters (15th Jul 20 at 2:27am UTC)
"Kellie Clements is my colleague in interior design. She showed an exclusive window treatment design series at Blindsgalore. We all want to know the designer's predictions about the new style trends and what professionals like Favorite colors and materials used. Kelly revealed some of her personal favorites and she “taken” to break the design rules!
Let's start with hue. What color do you like best?
I tend to mainly use blue and green (a lot of turquoise), but that's because these colors are the colors my customers most often request. Since childhood, blue-green has been my favorite color, but in the past 18 months, I have found myself trying not to use it. Why? I never want to impose my personal style on my clients Hinged Shutters. I try to keep the work I do fresh and authentic. I think people are worth hiring a designer, otherwise they can copy a room they like to find online. Fortunately, I have mastered the ability to create a very warm room while using cool colors. Obviously, gray hue is the main color trend, but when choosing gray, I almost always prefer warm to cold. If the gray is slightly biased, it will give a cold and boring feeling. Obviously, I like gray with navy blue, coral/orange, yellow and turquoise.
What are your favorite materials and textures?
My preference is actually a combination of certain materials. I like to mix old and new things, such as antique wardrobes and modern lacquer lamps, or rustic tables and chrome bowls. I am also completely obsessed with fabrics. Most women will be fascinated by shoes or handbags. For me, it is fabric. I like the various patterns and color combinations on the market today. Many times, I can be inspired to design the entire room around a piece of cloth.
At home, windows are a good place to mix materials, textures, and fabrics, which leads to my next question. What do you think is the biggest window trend currently?
Okay, I know this sounds a bit biased and may be a bit tacky, but now the hue is very popular. there are many reasons. Anyone who has ever made fully functional drapery will tell you that even if you buy mid-range fabrics, they will cost thousands of dollars. Curtains require a lot of fabric to function, because they must cover the window space, and there must be enough space. Coupled with the labor of sewing them and the hardware necessary to make them functional... Hey! Shadows can provide a very clean look, but still provide functionality Sliding Shutters. In addition, there is so much flexibility and ability to indicate different levels of light filtering. Even if you don't want curtains to be decorative, choosing a curtain and making curtains will give you the best of everything. You can have the beautiful textiles you want in the room, but you don't need to buy 176 yards!
In addition to windows, what new trends do you think will emerge in 2016?
The trend will pay tribute to the mid-century era. In the past year, MCM furniture has returned to the spotlight, but it appears in a low-key decoration style. In terms of color, I think we will start to see the popularity of gemstone hues because they all match well with metallic colors. Gold will become more and more popular, and we will begin to see higher temperature metals like copper appear. I think we can also look forward to seeing some modern prints and ethnic prints in fabric and art. Fabric companies are improving their games with really rich textures and deep saturated color combinations. Overall, I think the colors that can be found in nature will be the next design trend. Those who like neutral palettes may be exhaling, but I am not talking about earth tone. Blueberries, emeralds, rust, eggplant or any darker shades of pink or orange may be part of the autumn sunset. This will be a warm and vibrant year!
Kellie Clements is a talented house designer at Blindsgalore and has an exclusive window treatment series. She broke down the steps for designing the room, provided advice on windows, and revealed major mistakes when decorating the room. Read on!
I am always curious about the prejudices of designers Bi-fold Shutters, because we all have this tendency. What is your favorite room? Why?
It is said that I really don't have a favorite room. I like to work in the room where customers use the most. If it is a kitchen, it is the kitchen. Due to my innovative thinking, I have become a designer who can come up with the most useful way to use space functionally and practically. I have worked with many young families, so I like to design the room beautifully and suitable for children. There is a misconception that you cannot have both, but... you can!
In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of designing a room?
Function! If a room can't "work" as the customer wants, it doesn't matter if it is beautiful.
Function is the key to everything. This reminds me of one of the most important functions of any home. Windows! When designing a room, do you prefer to decorate the window first, or is window treatment the last stress you added?
My first step is to find some inspiration. On this basis, this is a process of finding the best way to put all the required elements into space. One thing is for sure...Never ignore windows! This is one of the biggest missed opportunities in the industry
I always like to tell people that windows can extend the decoration to the length of the wall. Why waste all the gorgeous space? Tell us the first mistake you see when people decorate a room.
Come meet my colleague Kellie Clements Tier on Tier Shutters, she is a very talented interior designer and one of our interior designers, with a series of unique window treatment designs. You may know her among HGTV's design stars, or you may have seen her design project on Pinterest. As the new year begins, I think this will be a great opportunity to interview Kelly and ask her for advice. In this three-part series, we will discuss interior design, new trends, and suggestions and tips so that all of us can have a good start. You can learn from Kelly's personal style to the colors you should pay attention to this year. Let's start 2016 before decorating the game together!
Please describe your work experience in the interior design industry. What is the most exciting part of your career so far?
Obviously, she was part of HGTV's sixth season "Design Star", and was later selected as a fan favorite, which is a highlight of the show. Winning the fan vote is both exciting and humble. Although that experience was exciting and a huge learning experience, I would not say it was the pinnacle of my career Cafe Style Shutters. Over the past few years (starting with Design Star), my business and design team have grown significantly. I have been thinking that my team can no longer be busy, and then something unexpected happened.
That's great, you really have come a long way, and I am very happy to see your design business continue to grow. Working with so many clients, what is the first thing you have to deal with when you start a new project?
Trying to figure out what my customers really want when they tell me what they want.
What type of project do you like best?
I like open-minded customers Solid Panel Shutters. They come to me because they want something interesting and unique. I think this is my proudest design moment because it makes me more creative and explores ideas that don't usually appear. Having said that, I also like to work with clients who have specific tastes but may not know their style. This is where I feel that I am the fastest growing designer.
I always think that an enlightened customer can see your vision better than those who have specific ideas in mind. What about the rich and famous? If you could create a space for any celebrity without any restrictions, who would you choose? What would you do?
This is a good question because I don’t know if I can answer it. I am not a person easily attracted to celebrities, so I have not considered designing for celebrities. I really value the relationship with customers. I think it’s much harder to connect with a celebrity than with my clients, which may be why I didn’t spend much time thinking about it. No matter who I work with, I am a down-to-earth, outspoken person. Whether you are Beyoncé or the mother of four at home, if your sofa is ugly, the sofa is ugly.
Are there any similarities between your current home and your childhood home?
No, this is intentional. As I grew up, there were only two rooms in my family that I liked to remember. Thankfully, one of them is my bedroom. I drew splattered walls and hand-painted striped borders. I still like colors and stripes, and I have a lot of these two colors in my house. My parents also have an art studio in our house Shaped Shutters. I like that room. It is full of canvases, supplies, and everything that art lovers need to be inspired. We prepared a playroom for my children, and I put a lot of garbage in the cabinets to encourage their creativity. All this is fair. The rest of my childhood was spent in a very traditional and quite low-key place. You can use this word to describe something opposite to my home. "
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