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Aol customer support number - Posted By RosyMiller (rosymiller) on 2nd Aug 19 at 7:26am
If you are an AOL mail user, you might have got affected by some minor issues. One of these issues is ‘AOL mail not working.’ To resolve this issue, you can refer to some troubleshooting steps mentioned below:
 Step 1: Try rebooting your Windows and start the PC again
 Step 2: You should verify the login credentials for two times.
 Step 3: Contact the customer service and check the network connection
 Step 4: An antivirus software should be installed to prevent viruses and malware from entering the PC
 Step 5: You should update the drivers
 Step 6: Clearing caches and cookies will be a great idea
These are some troubleshooting steps which can help you fix the issue of ‘AOL mail not working.’ If these steps don’t come out to be helpful, you can contact Aol customer support number to get help from the techies.
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